Develop faster, smarter, safer by rethinking particle analysis

When you can count and identify visible and subvisible particles using microliter volumes at high throughput, you get powerful decision-driving data that accelerates biotherapeutic development from pre-IND into clinical phases and even manufacturing.

Particle Analyzers Designed For Biotherapeutic Workflows


Sprite Aura +

For all therapeutics and workflows

Configured for complete flexibility, Aura+ enables the full spectrum of Aura workflows for protein, antibody, cell, and gene therapies.


Sprite Aura PTx

For protein and antibody therapeutic workflows

Get data for clearer decision making on formulation, quality, and safety with fast, low-volume particle analysis—provides USP 788-compliant measurements.


Sprite Aura GT

For gene therapy workflows

Develop and manufacture quickly and confidently when you can screen, characterize, and QC vectors using only 5 µL of material.


Sprite Aura CL

For cell therapy workflows

Ensure safety, quality, and viability with decisive discrimination between cells, protein aggregates, Dynabeads™️, process impurities, and other contaminants.

Imagine How Much More You Can Accomplish With Aura Particle Analyzers

See What Makes Aura So Innovative


See What Makes Aura So Innovative

By rethinking how particle analysis is done:

  • Conserving sample by removing the need for flow-based analysis
  • Seeing everything by capturing all sample particles on a membrane
  • Visualizing and identifying particles with high-magnification BMI and FMM
  • Speeding analysis with low-volume, 96-well membrane plate analysis

Halo Labs brings particle analysis to earlier stages of the biotherapeutic development process while supporting manufacturing for USP 788.

About Us

An experienced and entrepreneurial team of scientists, engineers, and other life science professionals, our mission is to accelerate the safe development of biotherapeutics by changing how the industry approaches visible and subvisible particle analysis.

*Dynabeads refers to the magnetic beads produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Halo Labs is not affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., and references to Dynabeads or any other third-party trademark do not imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval.