Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy – Get Smarter, Faster Results

Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM) pushes the limits of particle analysis with its ultra-fast sampling and 100% efficiency, allowing for detailed insights into particle characterization and identification. When combined with Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI), you get a powerful screening tool for faster, smarter results.

Know What’s In Your Protein, Cell and Gene Therapies

Characterizing biopharmaceutical products is no easy task, and traditional "counting techniques" just won't cut it. Regulatory agencies are calling for a more holistic approach—that's now possible with FMM, a particle-identifying technology exclusively available on Aura.

Now you can get 100% sampling efficiency at unparalleled speeds, making it possible to characterize and differentiate anything from a single aggregate protein or cell to tens of millions of particles in under two hours.

How FMM Works

FMM Workflows

Solution Phase Stain

A fluorescent dye reagent is mixed with the sample in a test tube prior to applying it to a backgrounded plate. BMI and FMM measurements can then be taken.

Membrane Phase Stain

Microscopic particles are captured on the membrane surface and labeled with a fluorescent reagent. This can be accomplished using normal BMI steps with 40 µL of fluorescent reagent added to the sample with a second vacuum applied so the FMM measurement can be taken.