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Get Data-Driven Insights Earlier

Unlock crucial insights at earlier stages of drug development with automated particle analysis software. By combining powerful analytics and algorithms with multidimensional visualizations, you can make research simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Particle Imaging

Particle Imaging


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Expression Engine

Why Choose Particle Vue Software?

Particle Vue, an all-in-one particle analysis software suite exclusively on Aura, simplifies discovery by providing automated tools to detect and analyze particles present in a variety of samples.

With its advanced algorithms, particle size analysis features, and multi-channel image navigation, the user-friendly experience is tailored for speed and accuracy with minimal effort required.

Now you can literally see everything—images and data—in one simple view or dive deeper with advanced data analysis and visualizations.

Isn’t it time to spend less time guessing and more time making concrete decisions?

Visualize your particles. Get a clear picture of your particles without tedious calibration procedures or spectral interpretation.

Make better judgments. The expression engine within Particle Vue software lets you analyze subpopulations of particles using analysis parameters, such as particle size and signal intensities from multiple light sources, so you can make smarter decisions.

Gain early insights. Analysis with our particle software quickly evaluates and ranks your samples based on subvisible antibody aggregates, giving you an in-depth understanding of their physical instabilities.

Aura Characterizes All Particles

See What You‘ve Been Missing: The Power of Particle ID

To differentiate between protein and non-protein particles, morphology alone is insufficient.

Visualize the brightfield channel alongside the fluorescence channel and the darkfield channel in a single image in order to precisely identify your particles.

Get to Know Your Particles at the Experiment, Sample and Individual Level

Using a histogram, you can obtain an overview of the particle distribution in your sample with a single click. Compare the particle count, counts per milliliter, or percentage on the y-axis to the particle parameter of your choosing on the x-axis.

Analyze Data The Way You Want

The scatter plot feature provides users with unmatched flexibility in interpreting and analyzing their sample results. From adjusting the x- and y-axis parameters to tailoring the settings to your specific requirements, this robust software promises the utmost control and convenience when searching data for anomalies or insights.

Hover over a particular particle and get information such as the particle size along with a brightfield image instantly.

Meet the Requirements of 21 CFR Part 11

Particle Vue particle analysis software meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, so it's ideally suited for those who need to collect, store, and transmit regulated data.

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Particle Vue Software

Get particle analysis answers in just a few clicks with flexible, easy-to-use Particle Vue Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

The instrument commonly used to measure particle size distribution is a particle size analyzer. Various types of particle size analyzers are available, including laser diffraction instruments, dynamic light scattering (DLS) systems, and microscopy-based imaging systems. Halo Labs Aura family presents an innovative, new way to accurately measure particle size distribution, based on backgrounded membrane imaging (BMI) and fluorescence membrane microscopy (FMM). These instruments provide valuable information about the size distribution of particles in a sample, helping researchers and manufacturers understand the characteristics of their products.