Car T-Cell Therapy Development & Manufacturing

Get access to an all-in-one characterization tool for faster, more accurate identification of product purity and viability, contaminants, and residual Dynabeads in cell therapy products —with only 5 µL of material.

From discovery through manufacturing, see all the ways that Aura instruments can accelerate your cell therapy development.

The Smarter Way to Develop Cell Therapy Products

Characterize CAR-T Cell Products with Cutting-Edge Technology

Measure Cell Viability and Product Purity

With Aura CL, researchers now have access to a high-throughput cell viability assay that rivals the accuracy of flow cytometry and hemocytometry assays.

In a 96-well format, you can now evaluate cell viability at high throughput speeds with low volumetric consumption, unlike traditional techniques.

What’s more, concentrated samples can be processed without risk of clogging, and every cell or particle measurement is visually confirmed for an added level of reassurance.

All this makes it possible for characterization of cell viability in tandem with product purity measurements.

Get a Closer Look at Dynabeads with High Magnification Imaging

As a cell therapy developer, you want to ensure your products are free of contaminants that could interfere with efficacy and safety.

With Aura CL, we offer the first and only solution designed to quickly and accurately find and count residual Dynabeads™️ in concentrated cell therapy products.

This one-of-a-kind technology offers an unbeatable combination of brightfield imaging and SIMI to easily identify and quantify low levels of contaminants.

Plus, its 20x objective allows for closer analysis of morphological information about particles for even more detailed purity analysis.

*Dynabeads refers to the magnetic beads produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Halo Labs is not affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., and references to Dynabeads or any other third-party trademark do not imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval.