About Us

We exist because innovation starts by questioning the status quo

Why should biotherapeutic developers and manufacturers rely on particle analyzers originally designed for marine water or aviation fuel?

The answer from Halo Labs is that you shouldn’t have to.

By looking at particle analysis with a biotherapeutic developer’s workflows, constraints, Critical Quality Attributes (CQA), and end goals in mind, Halo Labs has created innovative technology designed specifically for life science studies.

Aura® particle analyzers are driving decision making during late discovery and throughout development, parts of the process where conventional particle analyzer technology is too cumbersome and sample-consuming to use.

They are also ensuring drug safety during the manufacturing process, through USP 788 compendial measurement methods.

With the Aura family of particle analyzers, the team at Halo Labs is succeeding at our goal of overcoming challenges in biotherapeutic development and enabling biotherapeutic scientists to develop faster, smarter, and safer medicines.

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What Drives Us

As scientists and engineers, our mission is to empower drug developers in the biopharma industry with innovative particle analysis technology, designed specifically for their workflows, to enhance therapeutic development and manufacturing processes.

By delivering novel, made-for-purpose technologies, we aim to provide breakthrough scientific insights, reduce development time and improve patient safety, advancing the biopharma industry towards a brighter future.

Our Values

Innovate with purpose

We focus our innovation on making significant advances that enhance and accelerate the workflows of drug developers and manufacturers, so you can make the safe and effective therapeutics we need to build a healthier future.

Listen to succeed

We believe that innovation is a journey that we undertake together with you, our customer. To help you achieve your goals faster and better, we need to listen to your feedback and deliver the advances you need.

Execute with integrity

Because your measurements are only as reliable as the instruments you use, we recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure we provide the highest quality instruments, consumables, service, and support.

Achieve more together

Within Halo Labs, we bring together multiple disciplines and diverse viewpoints so we can see existing workflows from new angles and deliver true innovation.

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned life science professionals dedicated to accelerating therapeutic development and manufacturing processes by making innovative particle analysis technology designed specifically for biopharma workflows.

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Work With Us

Are you ready to be part of a team that is accelerating biotherapeutic development by overcoming workflow bottlenecks and challenges? Are you excited to develop new cutting-edge tools that will advance the frontiers of cell and gene therapies?

Our Investors

Our venture support comes from Agilent Technologies, Research Corporation Technologies (RCT), BioAdvance, Broad Oak Capital Partners, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.