Particle Characterization For Biotherapeutics

Fully configured to support applications across protein, antibody, cell, and gene therapy workflows, Aura+ brings particle characterization to earlier stages of therapeutic development, so you can make better decisions sooner.

Aura plus intrument

Particle Identification


5 µL to 10 mL Volume


1 Minute Per Sample


High Magnification Imaging

Why Choose Aura+?

When you need the flexibility to conduct particle characterization analyses on different types of biologics, including protein and antibody therapeutics, cell therapies, and gene therapies, the Aura+ has got you covered.

Analyze small volumes. The minimum sample volume is just 5 µL, enabling particle characterization earlier in the development timeline when sample volumes can be limited.

Gain insight quickly. With a 96-well membrane plate and the ability to analyze one sample every minute, the Aura+ takes you from labeled samples to data in as little as 90 minutes.

Get Fast, Definitive Particle Identification With Three Fluorescence Channels

Aura+ comes with three fluorescence channels so you can get the same information from one experiment that would otherwise take three different studies.

In addition, Aura+ definitively identifies different types of particles within the same sample for more reliable decision-making:

  • Three FMM channels for three different species of organic particles
  • SIMI channel for extrinsics and inorganic particles

See Clearer With High Magnification

With the high magnification capabilities of the Aura+, you can see more morphological detail of unlabeled particles, enabling decisive discrimination between your lead and undesirable particles.

Quickly differentiate and enumerate cells versus Dynabeads™️, quantify polysorbate degradation, and more.

*Dynabeads refers to the magnetic beads produced by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. Halo Labs is not affiliated with Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., and references to Dynabeads or any other third-party trademark do not imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval.

Key Specifications

Imaging Area 24.6 mm2
Optics 4x and 20x objectives
Minimum volume 5 μL (assay dependent)
Resolution 1.0 pixel/μm
Detectable size range Range from >1 μm (ECD) to <5 mm (ECD)
BMI read time 1 minute/sample
FMM read time 30 seconds/sample
Software Particle VUE 4.x all-in-one software suite (image capture and analysis)

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