Lentivirus – A Better Way to Tackle LVV Stability

Gain insight into lentivirus stability with only 5 µL of material—from particle counts to size distributions and even identity.


Stop Invisible Aggregates Before They Destroy Your Gene Therapy

Why Use Aura to Measure Lentivirus Stability?

Because you can achieve so much more insight with much less material:
  • Achieve more accurate results with minimal amounts of sample (as little as 5 μL per test)
  • Identify SYBR™-labeled nucleic aggregates from unstable viral vectors
  • Detect and quantitate particles not measured by DLS or SEC
  • Determine root cause for unstable gene therapies
  • 96-well format for high-throughput testing
  • Gather comprehensive data and insight into aggregate particles – size, morphology, counts, distribution
  • Get insights quickly with rapid analysis time of 1 minute per sample
  • Benefit from a wide working range: measure particles from 1 μm to 5 mm with high reproducibility
  • Analyze particles without the interference of buffer or matrix for higher sensitivity
  • 21 CFR Part 11 software available

Get to the Root of Your Lentiviral Vector Aggregation and Instability