Biophysical Protein Characterization & Analytics
Gain Valuable Data Points for Smarter Decisions

Discover breakthroughs in protein aggregation and stability with our low-volume, high-throughput technology. Quickly characterize unfiltered samples from cell lines to gain valuable data points that can guide smarter decisions throughout drug development.

A Faster Protein Characterization Technique

Developing biologics requires accurate protein characterization, but there hasn't been a reliable way to do this quickly in the past—until now.

Using the Aura immunoassay, you can quickly pin-point potential instability issues in antibody therapeutics using a two-step fluorescent labeling technique for precise measurement. This multiplexed identification method facilitates faster detection and resolution of any stability concerns.

What’s more, Aura immunoassay discerns between two different antibodies (HIgG and BIgG), which is useful for antibody co-formulation applications and assessing drug product versus carrier protein aggregates.

Why Use Aura for Protein Characterization?

Because you can achieve so much more insight with much less material:
  • Detect protein aggregates in biologic formulations using fluorescent antibody-based labeling
  • Obtain protein/non-protein ID for a whole 96-well plate assay down to an individual particle in less than 90 minutes
  • Characterize unfiltered cell lines samples through low-volume, high-throughput imaging, counting, sizing and identification
  • Identify stable biologic candidates and get high level rankings
  • Analyze with only 5 µL to 10 mL of sample
  • Quickly analyze data and generate meaningful insights with automated Particle Vue software
  • Leverage 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
There are two methods for Aura immunoassay. One in which the antibody is applied in solution, the other while the sample is suspended on the membrane.

Distinguish Proteins from Non-Protein Particles

Accurately Pre-Screen for Antibody Stability

Aura immunoassays bridge the gap between cell line development (CLD) and developability to enable pre-screening for antibody stability once mAbs are secreted from CHO lines.

With Aura immunoassays, stability testing has never been easier. Now you can screen for antibody stability in CHO cells quickly and efficiently using only 40 uL per well. This low-volume method provides positive results within 2 minutes or less, resulting in painless analytical measurements that don’t require entire flasks of cells.

And it’s not just about the immunoassay method - Aura PTx enables quick characterization of unfiltered cell line samples through low-volume, high-throughput imaging, counting, sizing, and identification.

Analyzing biologically complex cellular and protein samples present in CLD to characterize secreted protein stability has never been faster or more accurate.

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