There is a well-known saying that says, “behind every great man, there is a great woman.”

This quote has never been more relevant than it is today in the biotech industry. Despite making up half of the population, women are severely underrepresented in leadership positions throughout the biotech sector.

However, as we continue to battle against diseases and strive for innovation, it is becoming increasingly clear that women need to be at the forefront of this movement. In order to make real progress in biotech, we must break down barriers and empower women leaders to drive change. Only then can we achieve our ultimate goal: saving lives.

Recently, we asked our VP of Finance, Cristina Pons, to share her insight on the importance of women holding leadership positions in biotech.

Cristina Pons, VP of Finance, Halo Labs

At Halo Labs, we are committed to empowering women through opportunities for mentorship and growth. We believe that when women hold leadership positions, organizations benefit from their unique perspectives and insights. We encourage you to join us in this effort by sharing your own stories of success, supporting organizations that champion gender diversity, and advocating for policies that promote equality. Together, we can create a more inclusive future for all.