Virtual Seminar: AAV Vector Stability with BMI – Are Your Analytics Giving You the Whole Picture?

Date:  Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Time:  9:00 am PDT, 12:00 pm EDT

Speaker: Renee Tobias

About this virtual seminar

Subvisible particle (SVP) analysis in parenteral formulations is a key predictor of safety and efficacy, and an essential drug quality metric. For viral vectors, however, limited availability of sample makes measuring SVP’s a challenge. Standard methods such as light obscuration and flow imaging are impractical due to their large volume requirements and low throughput.

This seminar will introduce automated Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) as a solution for detecting and quantifying subvisible AAV aggregates in low volume, high throughput format. BMI is fully automated, fluidics-free, and uses only 25 μL per sample. Learn how BMI’s high-resolution images and comprehensive data analysis can reveal particle issues that may be missed by other methods like DLS and SEC – providing a more complete picture of your viral vector stability.

Renee Tobias
Director, Marketing
Halo Labs

About the speaker

After earning her Masters in Cell and Molecular Biology, Renee worked several years in drug discovery research at companies like Tularik (Amgen), Bayer, and Schering-Plough. She eventually left the bench to pursue more customer-facing roles in applications and product management for life science analytical tools. She is passionate about promoting new, innovative solutions to accelerate biopharmaceutical development, and her current role as Director of Marketing at Halo Labs enables her to do just that.