In this webinar, our key speaker Dikran Khachadourian, will discuss how Aura® incorporates the techniques of Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) and Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM) to allow for the complete characterization and identification of subvisible particles in protein, gene, and cell therapy products requiring as little as 5 µL of sample. We’ll highlight applications ranging from developability assessment to product development and release.

Key learnings

  • Understand the importance of testing the purity and stability of drug products to ensure efficacy and patient safety.
  • Learn why Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) has become an emerging technique for lot release testing and generating USP 788-compliant data.
  • Master particle and product characterization as early as early-phase development using only 5uL of sample leveraging a modernized approach of membrane microscopy.
  • Explore how Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM) can be used to differentiate between subpopulations of particulates, such as protein aggregates, polysorbate degradants, and extrinsic contaminants.

About the speaker:
Dikran Khachadourian is a Field Application Scientist at Halo Labs. He completed his undergraduate studies at UC San Diego, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. His interest in the biological sciences led him to pursue a master’s degree in biology. After spending time in academia as a graduate researcher and educator, Dikran joined the Halo Labs team to apply his background to the ongoing advancements in biotechnology.