Do you currently chug along check boxing regulatory mandates described by USP? If so, you may be putting patients, and your company, at risk. Simple and proper due diligence measures performed on drug products, such as identifying sub-visible particles and aggregates, would not only prevent product recalls but, more importantly, avert patient deaths—due to early detection before lot release.

In this GEN webinar, Halo Labs CSO and Co-founder Bernardo Cordovez, PhD, will help us understand the nature of sub-visible particles and if it is your drug product that is aggregating or some other potentially unsafe material. Moreover, Dr. Cordovez will tell us how to determine if the aggregates are intrinsic, inherent, or extrinsic. Finally, he will take us through numerous examples and scenarios where using the Aura™ systems can help organizations identify problems early in production streams so that drug products can be safely released, allowing patients and clinicians to focus more on the therapeutic value of the final material.