Which Aura Is Right For You?

There’s an Aura™ for you, whatever your application or therapeutic research area. Choose the standard brightfield-only Aura BMI model for fast and simple particle counting or choose to add one or two fluorescence detection channels with one of our Aura, Aura PTx™, or Aura GT™ models for more definitive particle ID. Working with cells? Aura CL™ with higher magnification is just what you need. Need all of Aura’s capabilities in one instrument? Aura+™ delivers on every application shown with a 20x objective.

ApplicationAura+Aura CLAura GTAura PTxAuraAura BMI
Particle Detection / Quantitation
Extrinsic Particles
Protein ID
Polysorbate ID
Cell Aggregate ID
Capsid Aggregate ID
Cellular Assays
DNA Leakage
High Magnification Microscopy
Custom FL Applications
Therapeutic AreaAura+Aura CLAura GTAura PTxAuraAura BMI
Biologic Particle Analysis
Particle Analysis + ID
Protein Therapy/Biologics
Gene Therapy
Cell Therapy

Available custom fluorescence wavelengths:

FL2 channel options

Ex: 540/50 Em: 600/37

Ex: 605/50 Em: 670/50