Don’t Miss Us at PepTalk 2020!
San Diego, January 20-24, Booth 307

Halo Labs is proud to be a premier sponsor of CHI’s PepTalk conference. In addition to featuring our HORIZON® sub-visible particle analysis system at our booth, we have a podium presentation by Halo Labs’ Gabriel Mercado-Besserer as well as two poster presentations. Stop by and say hello! Can’t make it to the exhibition? Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Join us for our Podium Presentation

Fast, Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with HORIZON

Tuesday, January 21,  3:15-3:45pm

Speaker: Gabriel Mercado-Besserer, PhD.

Dr. Mercado has been conducting discovery efforts in the field of drug discovery, structural biology and the screening of combinatorial libraries for multiple therapeutic areas for over 20 years; carrying out his research at both prestigious academic and biotech institutions. Dr. Mercado’s research activities show a great diversity and strong interest for new tools, applications and technologies applied to the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents and targets both from a user and from an inventor standpoints.

Dr. Mercado is currently working with Halo Labs to find better systems to inform, evaluate and guide drug discovery efforts.

Automated, Low-Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with the HORIZON System

Subvisible particle analysis is a key predictor of protein drug stability and an essential drug product quality metric. However, current subvisible methods require large volumes of precious protein sample and are labor- and time-intensive, making it almost impossible to obtain this vital info during late stage candidate screening or early in formulation. The HORIZON system from Halo Labs employs Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) technology to measure and characterize subvisible particles in an easy to use high-throughput, low volume format. BMI is fully automated, fluidics-free, and uses only 1/10th the volume of conventional methods. BMI is also insensitive to solution refractive index, allowing it to reliably measure translucent protein aggregates. Here we present data that demonstrates particle sizing and counting accuracy of the HORIZON system using certified USP standards with traceability to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Automated, Low-Volume Subvisible AAV Aggregate Analysis with the HORIZON System

The presence or absence of subvisible viral aggregates is an indicator of the purity, stability and the quality of viral vector samples.That is why the US and European Pharmacopeias established the current Good Manufacturing Practices (Chapter <788> and 2.9.19 respectively), which mandate quantification of subvisible particles as a release compliance requirement for all injectable therapeutic protein products; since aggregates are known to exert undesirable effects upon the vector’s efficiency, biodistribution and immunogenicity. However, assessing vector particle aggregates at the subvisible range (100–104 μm) is especially challenging where only limited sample is available. Here we demonstrate the use of Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) with the HORIZON® system to measure subvisible aggregates in AAV vector samples, and asses the usefulness of BMI as a quality control, release compliance and formulation tool for AAV therapeutic development.