Aura PTx™ analyzes degraded excipients in protein therapeutics, and Aura+™ is an all-in-one drug product quality tool for mAb, cell, and gene therapy


BURLINGAME, CA – January 17, 2022 – Halo Labs, a life science instrumentation company developing tools for biologics researchers, today announced that it has launched its latest products – Aura+ and Aura PTx.

Aura+ and Aura PTx are the next generation in Halo Labs’ popular family of instruments that combine Backgrounded Membrane Imaging (BMI) and Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM). Drug product researchers can easily and accurately detect excipient degradation for the first time in their therapeutics with Aura PTx. Aura+ is a comprehensive drug product quality solution for drug developers to ensure the safety, stability, and efficacy of their protein, cell, and gene therapies.

“Degraded excipients are a real problem for formulators because poor formulation leads to product instability and may compromise patient safety,” said Bernardo Cordovez, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Halo Labs. “Early identification and quantitation of degraded excipients such as polysorbate particles is critical for any therapeutic developer, so we developed a novel approach on Aura PTx to assess both excipient and protein stability and aggregation. Researchers can now truly understand the dynamic relationship between formulations and drug stability.”

“Developing best-in-class instruments that are highly focused on the needs of specific markets is what we do,” said Rick Gordon, CEO of Halo Labs. “Our customers have been asking for better solutions for product quality and CMC analytics, and we are consistently delivering. There is an Aura that fits your needs for those developing protein, cell, and gene therapies. Customers have also asked for products that span two or more therapeutic areas.  We’ve delivered on that request with Aura+.”

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Halo Labs in Burlingame, CA is a venture-backed scientific instrumentation and consumable company that commercializes high throughput biopharmaceutical formulation, stability, and product quality control tools for aggregate and subvisible particle analysis using state-of-the-art custom optics and image processing techniques. Biopharmaceutical companies around the globe depend on Halo Labs for unprecedented insights into their drug products. For more information, visit


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