Dr. Joseph Keegan, Executive Chairman, to Assume Interim Leadership


BURLINGAME, CA – October 16, 2020 — Halo Labs, a life science instrumentation company developing tools for biologics researchers, announced today it is releasing a non-fluorescence version of its revolutionary Aura™ platform.

This new instrument option known as the Aura BMI will improve on Halo Labs’ popular first-generation instrument, the Horizon®, which is being used by all of the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies to improve development timelines and patient safety. It adds improved optics for greater sensitivity, increased linear range, and the option to upgrade to fluorescence particle identification for full Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy. “When we launched the Aura platform in June, it instantly became popular with our customers” said Rick Gordon, Vice President of Sales at Halo Labs. “The low-volume particle identification feature of the Aura is something that many of our customers have been asking for because an easy solution to that problem has been lacking in the marketplace. At the same time, we also realize that simple and reliable particle counting remains a challenge for many labs because existing options do not demonstrate the assay linearity and reproducibility that they need for robust USP-level testing. The Aura BMI option delivers that for our customers with the ability to meet requirements of both low-volume and large-volume testing.”

Halo Labs also announced today that its CEO, Robert Wicke, has resigned his position with the company. Mr. Wicke remains a member of the Board of Directors but ceases to manage the day to day activity in the company. In Mr. Wicke’s place, Dr. Joseph Keegan, the Executive Chairman of Halo Labs, has assumed responsibility and is providing interim leadership. Halo Labs also stated that it is quickly working to identify a successor to Mr. Wicke.

“We thank Robert for his leadership over the past several years and wish him well” said Dr. Keegan, Executive Chairman of Halo Labs. “Robert recently oversaw the launch of the Aura, which allowed Halo Labs to become the leading provider of sub-visible particle analysis tools in the biologics and gene therapy markets. I look forward to the next phase of Halo Labs, and the company’s continued success.”


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Halo Labs in Burlingame, CA, is a venture-backed scientific instrumentation and consumable company that commercializes high throughput biopharmaceutical formulation and quality control tools for subvisible particle analysis using state-of-the-art custom optics and image processing techniques. Researchers around the globe depend on Halo Labs for unprecedented insights into aggregates and subvisible particles present in their drug products via optical imaging on membranes. Halo Labs has been the recipient of many prestigious awards and research grants from agencies including DARPA, FDA, NSF, NIST, and NIH. For more information, visit www.halolabs.com.



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